Exhibition «Nature Sculpture» Ollagnier

Once again the author expresses himself through his bronze works, out of time, carefully implanted in a natural environment. It is undoubtedly the material that offers visual tensions capable of fusing mineral and vegetable, while maintaining this sensation of living wood.
The link between man and nature is permanently present in the park, with about thirty monumental installations. The dialogue is open between the elements, “L’arbre parle à la terre”, “Chercheur de lumière”, “La terre répond aux arbres”, “Onde de la terre” … The large bronzes have finally taken root on the Path of secrets, which Thierry Ollagnier opens for the summer season. Visitors will find an echo here, and on Thursday evenings in August, the sculptor is present on the site to receive photographers, gallery owners, collectors and contemplative walkers who love art “nature sculpture” .
Exhibition until 30 August 2017
By appointment: 06 59 00 60 47